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If you are intending to come to New Zealand to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, taste the delectable range of world-famous cheese, wine, mussels, lamb and beef, NZIHS can help facilitate your visa requirements, as well as direct you to the travel partners for flights, accommodation and tour packages.

Under this type of Visa, the most important thing to determine is that you are coming to New Zealand on a genuine intent to visit the place, or its people. Immigration New Zealand approves applicants who are considered ‘bona fide’ visitors. NZIHS will facilitate the proper documentation you need for this type of visa.

On the other hand, If you are a New Zealander who wants to bring a partner or a friend over, our first process is to determine the circumstance, an interview with both the Sponsor and Visitor will be conducted by NZIHS to determine appropriateness for this type of application.


Studying in New Zealand is a first-class experience. New Zealand boasts being one of the world’s best providers of education. You can study almost everything from English, Business, Travel and Tourism, Computing, Horticulture, Dairy Farming, Culinary Arts, to Engineering in any school or university in New Zealand.

NZIHS can facilitate your enrollment, application to Immigration New Zealand, finding suitable home-stay or accommodation, and ensure that you have a constant support group whilst on study in New Zealand.

Whether you are 5, 17, 21, 40ish or even above that, we can help you fulfill your academic and immigration requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances - there are different pathways under this category.



Do you have a Job Offer from a New Zealand company? Or are you a partner of a holder of a Work Visa or a New Zealander? Or you want to vary conditions of your existing Work Visa? Or are you an employer thinking of employing someone outside of New Zealand? Whatever your circumstance is, NZIHS will bring in its years of expertise in getting the job done for you. We shall evaluate the probability of your job prospect, whether it will be fitted amongst the various Work Categories like Essential Skills, Talent, or Work-To-Residence. Employers will be briefed on the process, timeliness and requirements that Immigration New Zealand.

One common myth for Work Visa applicants is a Job Offer is sufficient enough to be approved by Immigration New Zealand. There are other important things that should be considered like suitability of a New Zealand resident or citizen for the job offered, labour market check, and adherence to employment and labor laws of New Zealand.

Are you thinking of establishing a business in New Zealand? NZIHS can help by facilitating not only the requirements to get your visa to come to New Zealand, but to start your business. Our principals have solid experience and qualifications in business, has established contacts in the industry i.e. Franchise Association, Accountants, Banks to help your business up and running. You will be fully guided from the time you have signed up with us up to the drafting of your business plan to its implementation, up to the compliance on commerce and business laws of New Zealand.