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SMC is a points-system based migration wherein an applicant's eligibility to apply to for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category depends on the applicant meeting the required points for selection. How it works is that an applicant can claim points based on (1) applicant's age at the time of lodgment of the Expression of Interest (EOI) ; (2) the applicant's qualification/s, whether this qualification is included in the Long-Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL) in New Zealand and/or whether this is comparable to New Zealand standards or not; (3) work experiences  - how long is the experience, whether it was gained in a comparable labour market or is considered skilled; (4) if there is a job offer or current skilled employment in NZ, whether the work is outside New Zealand or on the LTSSL; applicant's can also claim for points on their partner's qualifications; (5) whether there is a strong familial ties in New Zealand; and/or (6) if they have studied in New Zealand.  On top of this, the applicant must show that he/she meets the English language proficiency, health and character requirements. An applicant needs to have at least 100 points to submit an EOI.

Once the EOI has been submitted to the pool, the applicant will have to wait for their EOI to be selected. The selection is determined by the selection criteria at time of selection, at the moment it is at 140 points. The selection points is dependent on the target set by the Minister of Immigration or Immigration New Zealand. Those who are not selected will remain in the pool for six months.

After thr EOI is selected, an initial verification of points claimed is done. This is to check whether the claimed points satisfy all the criteria.

After this initial verification, the applicant can either be Invited-To-Apply (ITA) for residence or be withdrawn from the pool. If points claimed are all credible, the ITA will be issued to the applicant. It is during this time that the applicant needs to present verifiable documents proving all points claimed in the EOI. The Immigration Officer will then assess the application. An applicant can either be given a Job Search Work Visa to enable him to travel to New Zealand and look for a skilled employment; or an Approval in Principle (AIP) where the applicant will be given a Residence Visa; or be declined. Immigration New Zealand will not automatically decline an application. All applicants will be given an opportunity to respond to their concerns if any.

NZIHS would be your able partner and supporter in this journey. We always start with the initial assessment to determine your suitability under this category. We do a full evaluation of your qualifications, gather the materials, prepare and lodge the EOI & ITA, in your behalf including prepare you for an interview, facilitate all other documentation needed for your application up to the time that you arrive in New Zealand.

As easy as it seems, SMC application can be complicated when due care is not exercised. Having NZIHS on your side means you have a Professional Adviser always available to attend to your concerns. We have heard of countless stories where an applicant's straight- forward application became a complicated and costly exercise.

NZIHS will give an honest assessment of your case. We will tell you exactly how we perceive your case to be. We will give you  the financial budget first hand so you know exactly how much it is going to cost you; we will explain the whole process to you; give you a working time-table so you know exactly what is expected in every stage of the application. Best of all, we shall guide you to a speedy and efficient gathering of immigration requirements. You can expect that procedures and communication will be honest, open and you have the same access to your application as we do.


So, you already have a family successfully settled in New Zealand? Or you still have a parent, son, daughter, or partner overseas that you want to bring to New Zealand? NZIHS will direct you on how to go about you or your family’s application from pre-application process to the actual lodging of the application. We will explain all the process involved and setting up time-lines, submission and interview rehearsals, if necessary.


Backed up with more than 15 years of solid business management experience, NZIHS will lead you to the whole process of establishing your own business in New Zealand.  Starting off with comprehensive dialogue regarding your capacity to open a business, to writing of the business plan, sourcing of logistical and legal requirements up to acquisition of the necessary permits to operate business in New Zealand.

The whole process will be explained on individual cases, be reminded that it is not the amount of money you have but the genuineness to help New Zealand achieve its economic and social trusts.

Please write to us and will send you an assessment form to determine your level of interest in establishing a business in New Zealand.