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What we do—and do best—is definitely a big sigh of relief for you. NZIHS believes that you should be in your top form when you enter New Zealand and not some worn-out newbie, so stressed-out with all the hassles and headaches of a convoluted migration process.  Entering NZ should not be a right-of-passage!  It should be your well-deserved reward for qualifying as a migrant.

In a nutshell, below are but some of the major assistance you are getting as our client:

Full Immigration Consultancy

You qualify for migration as any of the following: skilled migrant, family of a migrant, a business investor or a party to such partnership.  For all these, NZIHS can answer all your questions and rest all your worries as to your qualifications and meeting your requirements.  Call it more than just friendly and sound advice—it’s advice that carries the full weight of our reputation we so value & protect!  We have as much stake in your success as you are in all your efforts to migrate.

Visa Assistance

Are you planning to visit and explore New Zealand? Or you would like to study? Work temporarily? Whatever type of permit you need to set foot in New Zealand, NZIHS will guide you through the whole logistical process of getting your visa or permit.

Settlement Package

Now this is something our previous clients remember us for the rest of their new life in NZ.  We offer customized arrangements for your initial stay in NZ.  From basic to complex settlement needs, we know of countless comfortable ways to relieve you of the common apprehension: What will I do & where will I stay when my family and I arrive?  Just tell us how you picture yourselves as new immigrants in New Zealand and trust that we can give you many options on how to live it.  And of course, you can always request for an insightful and comprehensive orientation for everyone in the family.  Not your usual routine briefing though but a sharing from some of the most successful migrants themselves who sincerely care that you end up just as happy if not more.

Professional Analysis & Registration
Worry not how to put your best foot forward.  NZIHS knows exactly what you already have that qualifies you best for a migrant status in NZ.  We specialize in a review & creation of an impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV); from which a professional analysis will be calculated as to your chances of living your dream life in New Zealand.  With our extensive network, we can confidently assist you in your registration requirements.

Ministerial & Residence Appeals
Part of the services of NZIHS is to appeal any wrong decision made against our clients to the Minister of Immigration, Immigration Protection Tribunal, or even at the branch/regional level. For those you have done the application themselves and you feel that you have not received a proper assessment which resulted in a decline, we can evaluate your case thoroughly and appeal on your behalf. Otherwise, we will look into your Official File and see if there is actually a merit of proceeding an appeal or not.