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The Need for Immigration Advice 

Relying on the expertise and experience of those who have come before you is a priceless wisdom you should never learn the hard way.

NZIHS is founded by people who have taken each of the same steps you will make as you get yourself established in New Zealand.  Being immigrants themselves, the company will save you the mistakes they’ve made (or their clients) and impart with you the lessons they have learnt out of the countless previous times they have journeyed through the same procedures.

You have long been entrusting in the hands of professionals many important tasks you would neither do yourself nor request as a favor from a friend or relative.  Your health treatment, you entrust with your doctor; your investments, you entrust with qualified financial adviser; your litigations, you entrust with your lawyer; and this life-changing decision of migrating to New Zealand, you should entrust only with a Professional & Licensed Immigration Adviser that knows the nitty-gritty of the whole immigration process and who will patiently explain these processes to you.

NZIHS will evaluate your rightful chance of application by giving you an honest assessment of your case, presenting the options available to you and assisting you in each step of the way. You can expect solid commitment to transparency, full confidentiality and sincerity in all advices that you receive from the Advisers.

Previous clients will attest that professional assistance is simply just the economic and guessing-free way of moving-in closer to your goal of settling in New Zealand.  It is scientifically more cost-effective, less time-consuming and ideally the stress-free way of going about your migration.  

Whether you are the applicant who is too busy with your current pre-migration life or the petitioner who is hundreds of miles away to see through it all, NZIHS is definitely the most practical aide to ultimately making you or your loved ones the latest batch of immigrants to New Zealand.