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New Zealand at a Glance

Area & Population
The country is closely almost the size of Japan but a bit larger than the isles of the United Kingdom.  However, there are 23 times more Japanese and 18 times more Britons than there are Kiwis per square kilometer on each of the available lands these nationalities stand on. The current population in New Zealand is approximately at 4.4 million only.

Language & People
English is the official tongue but spoken in various accents given the multi-cultural ethnicity of the country.  Maoris (typical Pacific islanders akin to Hawaiians) were the first inhabitants, followed by a great many Europeans migrants after World War II.  Today, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Filipinos and many other Asian migrants add their numbers to the largely youthful population.

Location & Climate
New Zealand is below the equator and closer to the South Pole.  Like its closest neighbor Australia, it has reversed seasons from that of most countries North of the globe.  This means Kiwis celebrate Christmas at the start of Summer while in areas where it snows, winter comes at the start of June and stays until August.

Quality of Life & Standard of Living
New Zealand boasts of having one of the world’s highest income per capita and its people are the No.1 users of internet on the planet.  In a snapshot, life in NZ is affluently above most countries while technology and modernism is at par with some of the world’s bests.