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Meet our Managers

New Zealand


Detailed, efficient & driven, Charny Ann is an ace up the sleeve of NZIHS. She started as a client documentation officer in 2008 in our offshore branch (the Philippines). She was responsible for the taxing compliance with the requirements of maintaining confidential database management unit.  Due to her outstanding performance, she was then, promoted to handle the whole operations of the Philippines, including its six branches.

When she moved to New Zealand in 2016, she was given the task as the Executive Assistant to effectively handle and assist the efficient performance of our immigration advisers. Given the wealth of her experience and her passion, she was rewarded the new post of maintaining and developing the company's over-all operations for  New Zealand as the Office Manager.

A Finance Management graduate, Ann also administers the company's compliance with stake-holders, government bodies and handles the financial and accounting requirements of the company. She is now

Charny is happily married with one handsome son, who now enjoys living and working in New Zealand because of its peaceful environment and life-work balance. She recent;y discovered her passion for cooking.



DDI: +64 9 8364932




Grace is the Operations Manager of NZIHS Philippines Consultancy Services. She has been working for the Philippine operations since 2013 as a seasoned documentation specialist.

As the Operations Manager, her task is to ensure that the branches in the country are working to its full potential, proficiency and capacity. Grace is in charge with compliance, human resource management, and over-all running of all the branches in the Philippines. She is also involve in ensuring that the documentations provided by the clients are sufficient and adequate. She works under the strict guidance of our immigration advisers in this regard.

A very religious person, she spends her time off work spreading the word of God and travelling to different places.


DDI: +63 2 7063423


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