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Our Valued Clients

Our clients are from all over the world - from Asia, Pacific, Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


We consider our clients as an extension of our family, regardless of where they came from. We have been fortunate to have worked with a diverse group of applicants, from Asia (Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India and China); from the Pacific Islands, we have administered applications from Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji and Tuvalu. Europe (Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia,  and Serbia) and from America, Canada, Middle East and Africa.

NZIHS takes pride that most of our clients came from referrals, from one satisfied customer to the next. This is because NZIHS achieves between 95-98% success rate in its applications (period covering 2004 to present), and ensures that the pre-to-post application customer relationship is on its best.

We value our relationship with our clients. It is our pride to see how successful they have become after we have plotted the way for them in achieving their New Zealand dream.